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Note that the building we were in is being redeveloped. The principal physiotherapist has joined the team of prominent chiropodists and the leading podiatric consultant/surgeon at the Fyfield Clinic, 29 Fyfield Road, Enfield EN1 3TT - i.e. you will be seen by the same experienced physiotherapist.(near Enfield Town station)

Tel: 02083660666

Note: This site is purely to inform you as to some of what we do. It is not there to impress you or waste your time by having to click from page to page to page ...!
Free client parking.
You will receive personalised, professional treatment by a very experienced Chartered, HCPC Registered Physiotherapist who is expert in the science of Differential Diagnosis; getting to the CAUSE of the problem. Selecting the appropriate treatment tool for each individual presenting with their unique problem is critical and nothing can replace many years of experience. Over the years we have treated many international sports champions including tennis players, rugby players, golfers, surfers, athletes and a jet ski world champion. We regularly treat prominent singers, musicians and dancers. However, each patient gets the full benefit of our experience and expertise.

We use a variety of proven treatment modalities in combination to achieve the best results. This includes, but is not limited to, hands-on manual therapy techniques.

Our aim is to get you fully functional in as short a period as practical so you can resume your sport, recreational activities and work quickly. Each visit you will get the time needed to resolve your problem. We sell results, not time slots. Treatment is provided in a calm, peaceful environment. 20% of the fee you will pay is for us to do your treatment. The other 80% of the fee you pay is for us knowing how to do it. We shall do our best to help you provided you want to help yourself!!

We operate a strict confidentiality policy.
Our care philosophy.

Injury playing sports?
Pain preventing you doing your work?
Growing Old? Arthritis; aches and pains don't have to come with it!
Had a hip replacement, knee replacement, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist or back operation? Recovering too slowly?
Whiplash injuries

Below are some of the problems regularly dealt with at the clinic with resultant restoration of function and effective pain relief:

Achilles tendonitis
Lumbar back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Capsulitis - stiff painful joint?
Cricket Injuries
Chronic pain
Dance injuries; and the show MUST go on.
Frozen shoulder
Gymnastic injuries
Golfer's elbow
Growing old? Most of those arthritis aches and pains can be gotten rid of.
Hamstring injuries
Headaches or Migraine
Hip replacement, knee replacement post-operative rehabilitation
Knee pain or injury - Meniscus tear, anterior cruciate ligament?
Torn ligament - sprained ankle
Low back pain - Painkillers not helping and exercise makes it worse?
Torn muscle and trauma
Neck pain
Nerve root pressure
Occupational health problems
Osteoarthritis - Stiff painful joints?
Osteoporosis - fracture won't heal?
Plantar fascitis - Can't take weight through my foot!
Piriformis syndrome
Quadriceps injuries
Repetitive strain injury
Rhabdomyolisis or Over Use injury - training too intensively?
Rugby injuries - Acute pain and swelling
Running injuries - The Big 5.
Sports injuries
Tennis elbow
Tendonitis and other tendon problems
Weight training injuries
Whiplash injuries
Work related injuries - Awkward twisting.

We are at:

Now at the Fyfield Clinic, 29 Fyfield Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3TT

Tel: 02083660666

Free Client Parking
(250 yards from Enfield Town Station)
Plan your journey using public transport

Bus Routes 121, 191, 279, 307, 313, 329, W8 and W9.

* Covered by most Medical Insurance companies

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